October 11-14
Nationwide Actions

Endorsed by

American Federation of Teachers Guild (Local 1931)
Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps
Democratic Socialists of America
The Red Nation
United Teachers Los Angeles

See full list of endorsers for local actions below

Stop the War on Immigrants

A Call to Action on October 12 Weekend

From the day he took office, Donald Trump escalated a failed and cruel immigration policy into an all-out war against immigrants, banning Muslims, slamming the door on refugees, tearing children from their parents’ arms.

Each new affront has been met with outrage and protest, but even when he has retreated, Trump has sought new lines of attack: concentration camps, workplace raids, new bars to green cards and citizenship.

Meanwhile many immigrants are being terrorized in their own communities, afraid to answer the door, take children to school, or go to work. These communities need to see and feel the solidarity of the majority that stands with them.

We call on all those who oppose the raids, family separation, deportations and incarceration to unite against this reign of racist persecution.

It is time to say, “¡Basta Ya!” Enough is enough!

This Indigenous Peoples’ Day weekend let us act together –whether with a march, vigil, rally or direct action– against those who would give us a future of division and white supremacist hate.

It’s only fitting to have these actions on Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Many immigrants crossing the border are indigenous and are not given proper interpreters in their indigenous languages. The current colonial border between the U.S. and Mexico were imposed upon Indigenous Peoples on both sides. They didn’t cross the border, the border crossed them and no one is illegal on stolen land!

Let us unite in broad regional coalitions drawing together people of faith, unions, anti-racist fighters and other progressives to target camps, jails, shelters or other parts of Trump’s anti-immigrant, deportation machinery.

Let us act in the knowledge that no human being is illegal anywhere, not least in a country formed through violent colonialism.

Most of all let us open our arms to immigrants in our country or at our borders with a greeting of friendship:

Mi casa es tu casa.
Our home is also your home.

Local Actions

Sep 28 San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps

Oct 3 Newark, NJ

Movimiento Cosecha New Jersey, Never Again Action, North NJ Democratic Socialists of America, Unidad Latina en Acción NJ

Oct 10 Minneapolis, MN

Antiwar Committee, CAIR-MN, Communities United Against Police Brutality, Immigrant Worker Solidarity, Minnesota Indivisible, Minnesota Protests, Minnesota Workers United, MIRAC, MSP Now, Native Lives Matter, No Cages MN, TakeAction MN, Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar, Twin Cities DSA

Oct 11 Anchorage, AK

Alaskans for Human Rights at the Border, Anchorage Democratic Socialists of America, Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Native Movement

Oct 11 Atlanta, GA

Metro Atlanta DSA; Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights; Extinction Rebellion Atlanta

Oct. 11 Fort Worth, TX

DSA Fort Worth, ICE Out of Tarrant, RAICES, United Fort Worth

Oct 11 New York City

NYC Democratic Socialists of America

Oct 11 Syracuse, NY

Black Lives Matter Syracuse, CNY Solidarity Coalition, Indivisible NY24, New York Immigration Coalition, Syracuse Childcare Collective, Syracuse Graduate Employees United, Syracuse Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network, Syracuse Peace Council, Syracuse Tenants United, Workers’ Center of CNY

Oct 12 Denver, CO

Four Winds American Indian Council, Transform Columbus Day Denver

Oct 12 Lincoln, NE

Stand In for Lincoln

Oct 12 Los Angeles, CA

AF3IRM Los Angeles, Al Otro Lado, ARA-LA/PART, Black Live Matter – LA, California Faculty Association E-Board of Cal State LA, Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE), DSA-LA, Eastside Greens of Los Angeles, Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement, If Not Now LA, Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice, International Indigenous Youth Council-SoCal, March and Rally LA, Marx21, Mijente, National Lawyers Guild LA, Never Again LA, Occupy Ice LA, SoCal American Indian Movement (AIM), Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, United Teachers Los Angeles, CISPES-LA, University of California Student-Worker Union (UAW 2865), White People 4 Black Lives / SURJ Affiliate Los Angeles

Oct 12 Newark, NJ

Resist the Deportation Machine, Cosecha, Jewish Voice for Peace Northern New Jersey Chapter, NNJ DSA, Jobs and Equal Rights for All Campaign, Party of Socialism and Liberation, Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War, New Jersey Peace Action

Oct 12 San Diego, CA

Unión del Barrio

Oct 12 Seattle, WA

Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) – Seattle Chapter, Freedom Socialist Party – Seattle Chapter, Party for Socialism and Liberation – Seattle Chapter, Radical Women – Seattle Chapter, Seattle Democratic Socialists of America, Seattle Immigrant Rights Action Group (SIRAG),

Oct 13 Chicago, IL

Albany Park Defense Network, American Indian Center, Black Youth Project 100, Centro Autónomo, Chi Nations, Chicago Democratic Socialists of America, Chicago Feminist Action, Chicago Therapy Collective, Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps Chicago, CommunityCave Chicago, DePaul Socialists, Extinction Rebellion, Free Heartland Kids Campaign, Gay Liberation Network, General Defense Committee, If Not Now Chicago, Logan Square Neighborhood Association, Never Again Action, Jewish Voices for Peace, Pilsen En Defensa, Resistencia del Barrio, Rising Tide Chicago, Socialist Rifle Association, Tenants United of Hyde Park and Woodlawn , United Neighborhoods of the 35th Ward, United Working Families, 25th Ward IPO, 33rd Ward Working Families

Oct 13 Hartford, CT

Never Again Action: CT

Oct 13 San Diego, CA

People Over Profits, Bride of Love Across the Border, DSA, PSL, AFT 1931

Oct 13 San Antonio, TX

Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps – San Antonio

Oct 14 Alburquerque, NM

The Red Nation

Oct 14 Bay Area, CA

DSA – San Francisco, Coalition to Close the Camps – Bay Area

Oct 14 Clearbrook, MN

Ginew, MN350, Northfield Against Line 3, Rainforest Action Network, Stop Line 3, Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America. [This indigenous-led action against the Line 3 pipeline is being co-promoted with the Minneapolis Oct. 11 immigrant rights action]

Oct 14 Portland, OR

PDX Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps

Oct 15 Sacramento, CA

Jewish Action NorCal, Kol Rinah Sacramento, NCJW Sacramento, NorCal Resist

Oct 16 Sacramento, CA

Jewish Action NorCal, NorCal Resist, Poor People’s Campaign – Sacramento

Oct 19 Washington, DC

Doctors to Close the Camps – DC

Oct 20 Burlington, VT

ACLU of Vermont, Central Vermont Refugee Action Network, Champlain Valley Democratic Socialists of America, Essex Resists, Indivisible Mad River Valley (IMRV), Liberty Union Party, Mutual Aid and Defense NEK (MADNEK), Mutual Aid and Defense Vermont (MADVT), Showing Up for Racial Justice, Women’s March Vermont, Peace & Justice Center

Oct 25 Minneapolis, MN

Center for Prophetic Imagination, Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha (CTUL), Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC), Immigrant Worker Solidarity, MN Educators Against ICE, Navigate MN, No Cages Coalition, Standing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) MN, Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America, Twin Cities Never Again, Unidos MN, Women’s March MN

Get Involved

Want to start your own #CloseTheCampsOct action? Here are some guidelines:

Build a Broad Coalition

Think big about who needs to be in the movement to close the camps, and reach out accordingly. (The list of sponsors on the local events page can give you ideas.)

If you’re not part of an immigrant-led organization, or you’re not part of an indigenous-led organization, prioritize reaching out to those groups in your area. The urgency of their own priorities may (or may not!) mean that they can’t devote resources to collaborating, but please at least make sure that your plans fit their goals and won’t have unintended consequences for immigrant and indigenous communities.

If it turns out that Indigenous People’s Day weekend isn’t the right timing in your local area — especially if it would conflict with other indigenous events — do your action on another date. The point is to build the movement together.

Choose a Strategic Target

All of the targets for this weekend of action are strategic sites in some part of the immigrant detention and deportation process — which can mean a detention center, corporate profiteer, local government office collaborating with ICE, national political figure heavily implicated in the camps with a local office… whatever it is, pick your target for a reason.

The targets are diverse because immigrant detention and deportation are broadly integrated into U.S. society. All were chosen by local coalitions working together to figure out the next steps for their particular city.

Organize to Build a Base

We know that no single action will close the camps, and certainly no action will end the full tragedy of immigrant detention and deportation. Trump will continue to escalate his vicious attacks, and our response will need to escalate in strength as well.

Organize your coalition in a way that builds a base for collaboration and action over the long term. We are holding coordinated actions around the country because we know that we will need everyone working together to defend immigrant communities.

Share Your Plans

Let us know what you’re planning and how to reach you. We’ll list your action on our event page and, with your consent, connect you with other actions in your region or other actions around the country that have a similar target, to trade ideas, materials, and experiences.

On social media, unite the actions with the hashtag #CloseTheCamps

Contact Us

Ask a question or tell us about your local action! Send us an email at: